How to wholesale faucet from China?



1. How to search for faucet suppliers in China?

In the Internet age, it is easy for purchasers to find China faucet suppliers through the Internet. Why should they choose China suppliers? Because China has the best environment for producing high-quality products, including a complete and unique industrial chain, human resources, and complete infrastructure. In the China bathroom industry, more and more excellent faucet designs are available. The main way:

1.1 B2B platforms such as Alibaba

Alibaba is a bit like an online trade show. You can search thousands of suppliers through Alibaba’s platform. You can also identify suppliers and products through videos, pictures, and product descriptions displayed by the suppliers. After confirming the product, you can communicate with the supplier via email or other timely communication software, and then confirm the order… There are two ways to find suppliers on Alibaba:
→ Enter keywords to search for products


PS: Alibaba Trade Assurance is a trading method that protects both purchasers. Alibaba acts as a third party to guarantee both purchasers. This is a relatively safe transaction method.

1.2 Use Google Search

You may be wondering, why Alibaba gathers so many suppliers. That’s because there are a large number of potential customers on the Alibaba platform. Alibaba builds its own brand through business, and attracts a large number of potential customer traffic from Google through natural search and paid advertising. Thousands of suppliers obtain customer resources on Alibaba through competition (membership and PPC). In the past few years, Alibaba’s suppliers have formed very fierce competition, and their cost of acquiring customer resources is getting higher and higher. Therefore, a group of suppliers has begun to build their own websites to acquire potential customers. Compared with opening stores in Alibaba, they can reduce competition.

How to correctly search for China faucet suppliers?

First of all, you need to understand the 3 major faucet production bases in China: Kaiping, Guangdong, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, and Nan’an, Fujian. Generally speaking, Guangdong has the best quality, while Zhejiang and Fujian have more advantageous prices. However, the place of origin does not necessarily represent the quality of the product, it also requires you to test the product. Brief summary:


You can find China faucet suppliers on Google by searching for product keywords and combining the following suggested keywords. For example, if you are targeting a high-end faucet and have high-quality requirements, you can search for Kaiping faucet manufacturer. So you can quickly find the faucet that meets your needs.

But the biggest problem you will face when searching for suppliers on Google is whether the supplier is reliable. I will tell you some practical tips:

1. You can ask if they have an Alibaba store, you can check the time they have been operating in Alibaba, and use Alibaba’s Trade Assurance to pay.

2.Use Whois ( to confirm the registration time of the supplier’s website domain name. The longer the domain registration time, the less likely they are to become scammers.

3.View the information posted by the supplier on the website, such as the real address in China, photos of their office, manufacturing workshop or team members, information or pictures of participating in the exhibition. Then they should be more reliable.

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1.3 Search from Linkedin or Facebook

For most foreign buyers, Alibaba and Canton Fair are the only two effective ways to connect with foreign buyers. Recently, more and more suppliers use social networking to find customers, the most common ones are Linkedin and Facebook. It is often to publish articles about product information and industry knowledge to attract more potential customers’ attention.

However, there are many shortcomings in finding suppliers from social media. It is difficult to confirm the company’s background of the supplier, and it can confirm the credibility of the supplier because the threshold of social entry is very low.


2. How to evaluate suppliers?

2.1 Understand the supplier’s business model

Simple can be divided into the following 3 types:
Manufacturer: Can control production time and product quality, and the price will be more favorable.
Trading company: The service is better.

2.2 Search for supplier location

As mentioned above, China’s 3 major faucet industrial belts can be used as a reference

2.3 Verify factory qualification

The most common quality management system is IOS 9001, which proves that the organization is authentic and well-organized.

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2.3 Assess the supplier’s business history

If suppliers focus on the same type of products for a longer period of time, their business will remain stable to a large extent. Stable and experienced faucet suppliers can effectively help you solve product after-sales problems. Generally, you can check its business license or Alibaba’s membership information. You can also visit the supplier’s website or social media.

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2.4 Product Certification and export country

Certification in some countries is mandatory. For example, water faucets sold in Australia must have Watermark & WELS. Obtaining these product certifications requires a third party to test the factory and products. In addition, there are Korean KC certification, French ACS, European Union CE…


3. Detailed information that needs to be confirmed before production

3.1 Reconfirm quotation

For unnecessary disputes, it is best to confirm the quotation with the seller before payment, including necessary information such as packaging, product specifications, etc.

3.2 Payment method and time

China suppliers usually adopt such payment terms: 30% deposit before manufacturing and 70% balance before shipment. Generally accept TT, Western Union money transfer

3.3 Delivery time

Most of the faucet suppliers do not prepare inventory, but produce according to the quantity you place. The general production cycle is 30-35, if you need to make colors, it is 35-60 days. For your sales, inventory is very important, so you must confirm the delivery date with the supplier

3.4 Sample confirmation quality

By requesting samples, you and your team can directly contact and discuss and obtain a satisfactory faucet

The sample is the standard for mass production. Through the testing agency you are looking for, you can judge whether the material, surface, water output and other standards of the faucet meet the domestic market standards.


4. Quality inspection before shipment

Generally, customers will arrange inspection before delivery (especially the first order). In case you encounter goods that are not of good quality, you can minimize the loss


5. Goods clearance

The last step is customs clearance. Don’t worry too much about customs clearance, the seller and forwarder will help you solve the problem.


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