How Do SPARK Control The Quality Of Faucet?

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(Last Updated On: July 24, 2023)

The production of Spark faucets is a complicated process with multiple stages. At SPARK faucet factory, The level of quality is controlled at every stage. Quality is our weapon to win the market. We will always produce high-quality faucets & bathroom accessories.

We are a professional bathroom taps manufacturer of faucets for more than 15 years. At present, we have Watermark, KC, ACS, EN817, and CE certificates. Quality is our culture, and we want to show you how we control quality.

1. Raw Material Supply Chain System


1.1 Premium Raw Materials:

The most important component in the production of the faucet is brass, and the main body of the faucet is made by gravity casting. Our SPARK faucets usually use H59 or lead-free copper. In the past 12 years, we have established in-depth cooperation with raw material suppliers and accessory suppliers so that we can obtain supplier support in terms of material quality and price. We will do Brass material analysis to confirm that the copper content of this batch of copper meets the H59 standard before we can arrange the production.

1.2 ERP Management System:

We use ERP and MRP to form our order processing and management system, continuously optimize the production process, reduce the loss between production, easy to control our delivery, and stabilize our prices.

In case of receiving quality complaints from customers, we can quickly identify the batches of problematic products in combination with ERP and MRP systems, minimizing customer after-sales losses.


2. Quality Management System


In addition to the copper content of the raw materials, the factors that determine the quality of the faucet are the production process and equipment. The following is our equipment and our quality inspection system:

2.1 Production Management System

2.1.1 Gravity casting machine:

After sand mold processing, we will use a gravity casting machine for casting. Compared with the old process of sand casting, gravity casting is best to maintain a certain high temperature to ensure that the faucet body does not deform and maintains the same thickness. Before mass production, we will first make six samples. Engineers will check the size and tightness according to the drawings. After passing the inspection, we will arrange mass production.

2.1.2 CNC machining machine:

After casting, we will perform this CNC machining process. Including this important technical process-the peeling step on the rough casting surface to obtain precise uniformity and smoothness.

2.1.3 Polishing machine:

After the surface of the faucet is treated by CNC, it must be polished strictly according to the steps and then polished with cloth wheel polishing agent to provide excellent smoothness. Of course, the surface of the faucet will be checked before plating to confirm that the surface is smooth


2.2 Quality inspection management system

2.2.1 Salt spray test:

The quality of the coating surface treatment can be judged by the 24-hour acetate spray test. Our standard is Nickel>12um Chrome>0.2um, the chrome layer has a good heat resistance and good chemical stability, so the chrome layer has good wear resistance, thus protecting the surface of the copper faucet from being easily Oxidation.

2.2.2 100% surface inspection:

SPARK will carefully inspect the surface of each product, and select qualified products (that is, products with intact plating and no scratches) for installation.

2.2.3 Water & Air Test:

For assembled faucets, we will test each faucet seal again. This includes a water test and gas test to confirm whether the faucet is leaking.

2.2.4 Flow testing machine:

We will adjust the tap configuration according to the flow standard of each country/region

2.2.5 Final inspection:

Before packing, first, clean the surface of the faucet, and then check the surface again for defects, and confirm the packaging after passing. According to the assembly, list to avoid missing any accessories.


2.2.6 Faucet Assembly:

Purchase ready accessories according to the assembly list, and the engineer will check the size of the accessories, including the valve core, bubbler, water inlet pipe, etc., to see if it matches the faucet

faucet Accessories
faucet Accessories
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