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How can I quickly find a suitable faucet manufacturer in China? I believe you will have such doubts.
Many customers who find us on Alibaba, Social, or Google will confide to us that the products purchased in China before do not meet their quality requirements. Or many customers are wondering why our products are so expensive. If you need to purchase faucets in China, you need to understand the characteristics of faucets from different places in China. China’s three major faucet manufacturing bases: Kaiping Guangdong, Nan’an Fujian, and Wenzhou Zhejiang.

1. Kaiping Guangdong: The Vanguard of Quality and Design

The faucet manufacturing base in Shuikou Town, Kaiping City, Guangdong Province started relatively late but developed the fastest. After more than 30 years of development, it has formed a collection of raw material supply, parts and professional supporting processing, finished product assembly, technology research and development, product design, A huge industrial chain integrating quality inspection, logistics and distribution, import and export agency, e-commerce, etc.,

Shuikou Town is also known as a major sanitary production and faucet export town with the best concentration, the most complete industrial chain, the largest industrial scale, the highest overall quality of the enterprise and the greatest potential for development in China. The faucet manufacturers here are mainly export-oriented.

So far, the absolute majority of enterprises are mainly OEM exports, and brand building is lagging behind. Although it has more than 160 independent brands, among which the well-known companies are Huayi, CAE, Weiqiang, Caizhou, Omasa, etc., relative to the annual output value and enterprise-scale in Zhejiang and Fujian, Kaiping’s faucet manufacturer Not too big. In recent years, Kaiping faucet manufacturers have begun to focus on technology research and development, product design, and product quality as the core and began to build brands. Regional brands began to gain fame at home and abroad.

The characteristics of Kaiping faucet: The product quality is the highest, but the price is relatively high. The surface treatment process, including electroplating and PVD processes, is excellent, ensuring a durable finish. Low product failure rate and long warranty period, suitable for the development of private brands and high-end markets.

Focused On Design & Quality — Kaiping SPARK Sanitary Ware CO., TLD

SPARK Sanitary Ware is a young and energetic company. It is a professional manufacturer of faucets and bathroom accessories for more than 12 years in Kaiping City, Guangdong Province, China. SPARK focuses on product innovation and design. Of course, we also focus on product quality. Our factory has passed ISO 9001 certification, and SPARK products have also obtained Watermark, KC, CE, ACS, EN 817 and other international certifications. The products are mainly exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and Australia.
Choose Spark Faucet Manufacturer for an exceptional faucet experience that enhances the beauty and functionality of your spaces. With us, you are assured of faucets that embody the perfect fusion of artistry and engineering.

SPARK’S Faucet certificates

2. Zhejiang: The Hub of Mass Production industrial

At present, Zhejiang sanitary ware industry has formed Hangzhou leisure sanitary ware base, Jiaxing Pinghu sanitary ware base, Wenzhou plumbing equipment production base, Taizhou plumbing sanitary ware base, Ningbo plumbing equipment and sanitary fittings production base and other economic development sectors, and established its own developed sales channels. Incoming exports are gradually increasing. Based on development strategies, some Zhejiang enterprises also pay great attention to product quality. But the overall development goal is still low price.

The characteristics of Zhejiang faucets: Manufacturers in Zhejiang predominantly cater to the mid-range and budget-conscious segment of the market. The overall quality level is relatively low, and some companies focus on quality. The overall price level is low, and the price competitiveness is obvious, and suitable for market development.

3. Nan’an Fujian: The Hub of Sanitary Versatility

The plumbing industry in Nan’an City of Fujian originated in the 1970s and was one of the earliest bases in China engaged in the manufacture and sales of the plumbing industry. Mainly for China’s domestic market, famous brands include Jomoo, Hhsn, Sunlot, Joyou, etc. At the same time, it is also an overall production base for bathroom ceramics, shower rooms and other bathroom products, realizing the overall supporting production from kitchen to bathroom.
Features of Fujian faucets: price competitiveness is more obvious, and Overall quality level is average.


If you are interested in purchasing faucets in China, you can choose the corresponding faucet manufacturer according to your budget. In terms of quality, Kaiping in Guangdong is the best, followed by Wenzhou in Zhejiang and Nan’an in Fujian; in terms of price, Nan’an in Fujian and Wenzhou in Zhejiang are the best Concessions, Guangdong Kaiping is relatively expensive.

RegionFaucet QualityFaucet DesignFaucet PriceFaucet copper contentElectroplating
Kaiping, GuangdongHighInnovativeMiddle to HighBest(CU>59)Advanced

The characteristics outlined above are general trends representative of each region’s industrial strengths. However, it’s important to note that these are not absolute indicators of every individual company’s product quality.

To further guide you in your journey, don’t miss our next insightful article, “Finding a Reliable China Faucet Manufacturer” where we delve deeper into selecting the best partners for your business needs.

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